Joton is synonymous with dark, futuristic, and sensitive techno, all mixed with the precision and speed of a surgeon. His sounds are industrial, analog, and mechanical. Stemming from the very essence of techno, Joton is physical, direct, modular, and exciting.

Joton has been fortunate to establish a presence in the underground electronic scene., having spent over two decades dignifying his profession as a DJ and producer, crafting unconventional sounds that have inspired artists worldwide. Based in León (Spain), Joton has meticulously honed his distinctive techno style, blending modern innovation with a classic sensibility.

Beyond his creative endeavors, Joton has made significant contributions as the founder of Newrhythmic Recs, a platform that has tirelessly championed both national and international artists for over twenty years. Notably, Joton’s influence extends far beyond Spain, as he has graced stages in more than 30 countries, leaving an indelible mark on the global electronic music landscape.

As a tireless and prolific creator, Joton has had his work published on prestigious labels such as Fabric, Modularz, Quartz, Odd Even, Symbolism, Planet Rhythm, Raw Raw, Dynamic Reflection, and Skryptöm. His tracks have been played by renowned artists including Ben Klock, DVS1, Rødhåd, Dave Clarke, Ben Sims, Oscar Mulero, Surgeon, Truncate, and Go Hiyama.

In 2015, Joton released his debut album, «Casting Out Nines,» a work that received critical acclaim and established Joton as a force to be reckoned with in the techno world. The album was presented in ten countries across three continents, cementing Joton’s status as an international DJ and producer. In 2017, Joton returned to his roots with «R3silient,» an album that explored his purest and most analog side.

In 2018, Joton continued his prolific output with two new works, «Antioquia» on German label ODD EVEN and «Extreme Measures» on RAW RAW. In addition to his DJ and production work, Joton is also a respected educator, offering interactive production courses that help aspiring producers refine their techniques and develop their sound. His latest album, «Hikikomori,» released in 2021, was born from these courses and is a collaborative work that speaks to the experience of isolation during the pandemic.

Over the years, Joton has played at some of the world’s most iconic clubs, including Tresor in Berlin, REX in Paris, Corsica Studios in London, Grelle Forelle in Vienna, Propaganda in Moscow, Domunne in Tokyo, Vault Sessions in Amsterdam, Razzmatazz and Moog in Barcelona, Gare in Porto, Infra in Boston, Under Club in Buenos Aires, Drugstore in Belgrade, Stardust and Fabrik in Madrid, and Sound Department Italy, among others.